All new for 2024!

We sold our entire original system and upgraded EVERYTHING!! It was a huge learning curve going from 600 buckets on a homemade 2’x8′ evaporator and a reverse-osmosis machine that processed 25 gallons of sap an hour. We installed a wet/dry vacuum tubing system capable of draining 6000 taps (equivalent of appx. 12,000 buckets) to the new pumphouse. The sap then is pumped though 350′ of tubing 45′ uphill to the storage tanks. From there, the sap is concentrated through the reverse-osmosis machine and is ready to travel to our custom-built 3’x10′ wood fired evaporator. Once the concentrated sap enters the evaporator, the concentration stage continues by boiling the remaining water into steam at a rate of over 120 gallons per hour. As the concentrate reaches 66.9% sugar, an automatic valve opens and Rosser’s Ridge Pure Maple Syrup leaves the evaporator and is pumped through a filter before it is stored for bottling.

2 years of building, many years of design & research, and a lifetime of dreaming….I will admit, I was a bit nervous when the first run was ready. We only hit a few small potholes. The design flaws I missed were minimal and either corrected or at least had a band-aid placed on them to get us through the season.

We plan to add at least 2000 taps running over 1/2 mile deep in the woods during the off season. This will bring out total tap count for 2025 to approximately 2500 taps. We can expect to yield around 1200 gallons of sweet tasting Rosser’s Ridge Pure Maple Syrup!

I can’t express my gratitude to the friends and family for getting Rosser’s Ridge up and running for the 2024 season. My back was against the wall and mother nature was not waiting for us! Without Scott, Richard, Chad, TJ and my mom, our 2024 season would’ve never existed for Rosser’s Ridge. A very special thanks goes out to my wife and kids. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by these unselfish friends and family. Thank you all and this seasons success is all in part of you!